November Sketchbox Supply Review

This month’s Sketchbox supplies were all about Manga art supplies. I think many times people get into the idea that just because an art tool is created for a certain purpose that there is the only one way to use it. I think the thing I love the most about getting the Sketchbox each month is the challenge of finding ways to use new supplies in my art practice that fit inside my style. I don’t have to change my style to fit the box, rather I’m always testing out ways to push a product to do new things.

Premium Box Items

Copic Classic Markers (BG02 New Blue) – Since this was the lightest colored marker in the box, I found this to be the perfect base color. I’m not a huge fan of the Classic Copics and that’s because I prefer the brush tip instead of the chisel tip that comes with the Classic markers. The color was beautiful and I made the tips work, I just had to plan my drawings accordingly. There is a bullet nib which is great for the small fine line areas. (Amazon)

Copic Sketch Markers (BG5S Holiday Blue & BG99S Flagstone Blue) – The Holiday Blue color was a great color to use over the New Blue. The tones worked beautifully together and the Holiday Blue became my darkest value so I used that to create my shadows. The Flagstone Blue color is really a deep green color, which is very beautiful. The Sketch markers come with the brush tip I love, so these markers are a huge win for me! (Copic Ciao Holiday Blue / Flagstone Blue – Amazon)

Holbien Colored Pencils (OP368 Prussian Blue & OP267 Forest Green) – These pencils were a perfect way to sketch my drawings before adding the markers. They weren’t overpowering and blended in well with the Copic marker colors. I haven’t used Holbien Colored Pencils before so I enjoyed working with a new colored pencil. I used them on the marker paper and found they worked well enough, but if I were to create a drawing with them I would use a different paper, one with a bit more tooth to it. The vibrancy I think was lost a bit on the marker paper. (Amazon / Amazon)

Kuretake Mange Liner (White & Silver – Extra Fine Point) – These are my new favorite liners for adding highlights and detail work. The extra fine point allowed me to add intricate marks on top of the markers. They are similar to paint pens as you have to prime the tip the first time you use them, but after that I never felt I had to pump the tip again. The ink flowed smoothly across the paper and never skipped or ran out. The silver is striking and vibrant, which I loved. If you haven’t tried these liners yet, I would highly recommend. (Amazon )

Clairfontaine Mange Marker Paper (4×5.8” 100 g/m) – This paper has a great smooth-texture and works beautifully with the Copics and Liners. The paper is a brilliant white which really makes the marker colors jump off the page. I don’t use marker paper often, but I would definitely get this paper again in the future. (Amazon)

Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that I will make a small commission if you choose to purchase these items at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your continued support!

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