Splatter Inky Illustrations in Adobe Fresco

In this class, students will learn to use Adobe Fresco’s Live Watercolor Brushes to create two Inky Splatter Illustrations.

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Video Lessons:

Lesson 1: Explore how all four watercolor brushes function and how to use them in your illustration.

Lesson 2 Pt 1: Create a floral inky splatter illustration

In part one of this lesson, we start by tracing our line art sketch and then using the brush selection tool and live watercolor brushes I’ll show you different techniques to create your first layer of ink.

Lesson 2 Pt 2: Create a floral inky splatter illustration

In part two it’s all about smearing, blurring and bleeding out the ink and adding splatters. Then to finalize the illustration I’ll show you how to use blending modes to get the best inky effects

Lesson 3: Create jellyfish inky splatter illustration

In this lesson, you’ll get to practice all the techniques learned in the floral inky illustration lesson.

What You’ll Need For This Class: iPad, Apple Pencil, Adobe Fresco App

First time using Adobe fresco and this class taught me what was needed to achieve what I was looking for in broadening my illustration skills. Instructions were easy to understand and the pace was for a beginner like myself. Would definitely recommend this class to others just starting out with Fresco.


Fun and Informative Class

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