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“I’ve learned so much in this class. Heidi really packs so much content in every lesson and delivers the information in a pleasant, conversational style.”

-Sherri, student from Create Illustrations using Layer Masks in Adobe Fresco class

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How to Annotate All Kinds of Books

What is annotating? Basically, it means that you underline/highlight and add notes interacting with the text. I do most often write in my books, but there are ways to annotate and not mark up your books. Here’s how I annotate my books, and if you want you can try it yourself. Why you should annotate…

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Art After Loss Magazine

I created Art After Loss shortly after we tragically lost our baby boy in 2018. It was art that got me through that first year and it’s continued to be a major part of my grief journey. When I turned Art After Loss into a class I wasn’t sure if I would do more than…

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4 Ways to Find Your Art Style

Artists hear all the time the advice that you need to find “YOUR STYLE” as if it’s this thing playing hide-n-seek with you. That if you turn over enough rocks you’ll find it hiding beneath. This thinking messed with my head for so many years. It’s something that my son and I were discussing the…

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