Create Illustrative Botanicals with Watercolor and Ink

My Illustrative Botanical illustrations has to be the most asked-for class. I’ve had the class scripted and planned for a couple of months, but I was waiting for the new studio to be done before I started filming. I wrapped up filming last week and my amazing son and video editor took over, and today I finally got to hit publish.

I’m currently offering it on Skillshare and for those who are members of Art After Loss Community the class will also be available there.

In this class, we’re going to create these fun and whimsical botanical line art drawings over loose watercolor backgrounds that any beginner can do. Intermediate artists will also love these projects because they’ll get tons of tips and tricks throughout.

We’ll go over the basics of watercolors and how to create super whimsical effects with the wet-on-wet painting technique. I’ll share tips on the different ways to use wet-on-wet and my favorite ways to create these fun backgrounds.

Then we’ll go over how to draw sketchy botanicals. I’ll share tons of examples and how I approach creating sketchy flowers.

Then we’ll work through three projects that will increase in difficulty as we progress. The first will focus on the basic loose watercolor background and one single flower. The second project will focus on adding additional colors and working with multiple botanicals. In the third project, we’ll add splatters and work with a bouquet of flowers and greenery.

Class Supplies

Here are the supplies I’m using in this class.

(This section features several affiliate links, meaning I’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links.)

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