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Digital Mixed Media Graphic Art

In this class, I’ll be teaching you how to use Adobe Fresco to create a Mixed Media Graphic Art Illustration. I’ll show you how to use live oil brushes to create the background and add tons of texture with the pixel brushes. Then using a photo reference I’ll show you how to draw a silhouette and then how to embellish the illustration using art, brushes, clip art, text, handwritten text and how to bring it all together using Fresco’s layer modes.

Lesson 1 – Background: I’ll teach how to use Fresco’s live oil brushes to create a background.

Lesson 2 – Silhouette: I’ve provided a series of reference photos that the student will be able to download and trace to create the silhouette.

Lesson 3 – Background Texture: Using tons of Fresco’s pixel brushes we’ll add texture when applying layer modes.

Lesson 4 – Layer Mask: Using a layer mask we’ll wash out the background to add contrast to the illustration.

Lesson 5 – Hair: Using the brush selection tool, the paint bucket tool and layer modes to create the hair.

Lesson 6 – Clothes: Adding texture to the clothing with pixel brushes and layer modes.

Lesson 7 – Ephemera: Adding ephemera to add details to the drawing. In this lesson student can download the floral illustration I created as my ephemera layer.

Lesson 8 – Font Text: Fresco now allows for Font text so this lesson shows how to use the font feature.

Lesson 9 – Handwritten Text: Adding handwritten text and how to use layer modes to blend it into the background. This lesson maybe my favorite part of creating these illustrations. The trick is to use your non-dominant hand (wink, wink).

I hope you’ll jump over and join the class!! We’re having so much fun with this one!!

Mixed Media Couture Tangles

Combining the world of fashion with doodle art, Couture Tangles will take you on an imaginative, playful drawing journey mixing digital and analog to create fun and whimsical illustrations.

In this class I’ll break down each step of the illustration process into individual lessons then I’ll walk you through 3 projects so you’ll get a chance to see all the steps in action.

Lesson 1: I’ll share the basics Procreate functions we’ll be using in class

Lesson 2: How to find reference photos

Lesson 3: How to draw a fashion figure

Lesson 4: How to make and edit watercolor marks

Lesson 5: Practice doodle worksheets

Lesson 6: Project 1 Couture Tangle

Lesson 7: Project 2 Couture Tangle

Lesson 8: Project 3 Couture Tangle time-lapse

Lesson 9: Your project

I’ve also included three exclusive printable/downloadable worksheets that you can use in this class. You’ll be able to download them as images and insert them into Procreate to use as practice sheets where you can warm up, learn new doodles and play with Procreate Brushes. I’m also including a PDF version for those who would like to print the worksheets and practice on paper. There’s also a PNG file with bunch of watercolor marks you are free to use in your illustrations.

This class will be done almost entirely with the iPad and the Procreate app, however, you can follow along and create these illustrations 100% analog if you want.

Splatter Inky Illustrations in Adobe Fresco

In this class, students will learn to use Adobe Fresco’s Live Watercolor Brushes to create two Inky Splatter Illustrations.

Video Lessons:

Lesson 1: Explore how all four watercolor brushes function and how to use them in your illustration.

Lesson 2 Pt 1: Create a floral inky splatter illustration

In part one of this lesson, we start by tracing our line art sketch and then using the brush selection tool and live watercolor brushes I’ll show you different techniques to create your first layer of ink.

Lesson 2 Pt 2: Create a floral inky splatter illustration

In part two it’s all about smearing, blurring and bleeding out the ink and adding splatters. Then to finalize the illustration I’ll show you how to use blending modes to get the best inky effects

Lesson 3: Create jellyfish inky splatter illustration

In this lesson, you’ll get to practice all the techniques learned in the floral inky illustration lesson.

What You’ll Need For This Class: iPad, Apple Pencil, Adobe Fresco App

Create Illustrations using Layer Masks

Learn to use layer masks to create illustrations in Adobe’s new drawing app Fresco. 

I’ll be using the live oil brushes and layer masks to create 3 different illustrations. 

In lesson 1 we’ll create a background then add a line art illustration on top. Then we’ll use layer masks to block out a portion of the background.

Lesson 2 will show how to use the selection tool with layer mask to create a floral illustration.

Lesson 3 we’ll use the brush tool and layer mask to draw our illustration into the background.

Lesson 4bonus lesson – we’ll create a background, add layer mask and then using watercolor brushes paint our illustration back in.

By the end of this class you’ll be comfortable using layer masks when creating your illustrations.

So grab your iPad and let’s get started!

Art After Loss: Using Art to Journey Through Grief

In this class I’ll take you on my journey through grief and how I used art as a way to express my pain and to overcome fears.

You don’t have to be a talented artist to join Art After Loss, all you need is the willingness to experiment.

Creating art will give you a chance to slow down and explore all the emotions that come with grief. The focus of this class will be on the process of creating with 5 different mediums, rather than the final product itself.

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