Floral Illustration with Fresco Shapes

Learn how to create shapes in Capture and use them in Fresco to create a floral illustration 

In this class, I’ll be giving a tutorial on how to use Adobe Capture. How to import images to create shapes that can be used in Adobe Fresco’s Shape Tool to create any illustration. For this class, we’ll be creating a floral bouquet using only shapes we create with Capture.

Adobe Fresco features a Shape tool that connects seamlessly with Adobe’s Capture App.

Lesson 1: I’ll walk you through Adobe’s Capture app and how to import images, create and edit your shapes.

Lesson 2: We’ll move over to Adobe Fresco where I’ll walk you through a few of the new Fresco features and we’ll practice using shapes.

Lesson 3: Using only shapes from Capture we’ll create a floral bouquet illustration.

I’m sharing all the Capture shapes I created for this illustration so you can follow along and create a similar illustration. Or you can use your own images and create your own shapes to use in your project. I’m also sharing the color palette I used in this class.

For this class, you’ll need an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and the Adobe Fresco and Adobe Capture Apps.

This is a great class with clear instructions and a variety of illustrational styles to try out. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you Heidi!


This course offers outstanding instruction on the sometimes confusing subject of layer masks.

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