Create Illustrations using Layer Masks

Learn to use layer masks to create illustrations in Adobe’s new drawing app Fresco. 

I’ll be using the live oil brushes and layer masks to create 3 different illustrations. 

In lesson 1 we’ll create a background then add a line art illustration on top. Then we’ll use layer masks to block out a portion of the background.

Lesson 2 will show how to use the selection tool with layer mask to create a floral illustration.

Lesson 3 we’ll use the brush tool and layer mask to draw our illustration into the background.

Lesson 4 – bonus lesson – we’ll create a background, add layer mask and then using watercolor brushes paint our illustration back in.

By the end of this class you’ll be comfortable using layer masks when creating your illustrations.

So grab your iPad and let’s get started!

This is a great class with clear instructions and a variety of illustrational styles to try out. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Thank you Heidi!


This course offers outstanding instruction on the sometimes confusing subject of layer masks.

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