Unboxing and Review: This Month’s Sketchbox Art Kit

This month’s Sketchbox art kit is packed with high-quality supplies that have really added to my artwork. First off, the Inktese pencils included in the kit are absolutely stunning. If you’ve never worked with Intense before…well, you’re missing out. They function like colored pencils, but when water is added to them they activate and lookContinue reading “Unboxing and Review: This Month’s Sketchbox Art Kit”

November Sketchbox Supply Review

This month’s Sketchbox supplies were all about Manga art supplies. I think many times people get into the idea that just because an art tool is created for a certain purpose that there is the only one way to use it. I think the thing I love the most about getting the Sketchbox each monthContinue reading “November Sketchbox Supply Review”