7 ways to start your mornings right when social distancing

My husband and I have been self-employed and working from home for 19 years. During those years I homeschooled two kids through graduation. I found in all those years the most important thing is to have a great morning routine. Otherwise your mornings drag out and by the time you get to work your day is half-over.

There are a few things you can do to ensure you start your day right.

No phone

We all want to be informed but looking at the news seconds after waking up will only raise your stress level even before getting out of bed. That includes avoiding social media, news apps, etc. at least until you’ve completed all five things.

Get up earlier

If you’re self-isolating, working at home or your kids school is cancelled that doesn’t mean you should sleep in and get out of your typical routine. That will make for a rough return to normal. In fact, during this time I recommend getting up 15-20 minutes earlier than you normally do. For the first time you might have your spouse/partner, and kids underfoot and in your space all day, so finding time that is just yours is so important.


Try journaling first thing in the morning. Julia Cameron suggests morning pages, which consists of three, hand-written pages. Essentially a brain-dump that allows you to free your mind of all the worries and clutter. I’m a planner and find that planning my next day even before leaving the “office” gives me a great start. Morning journaling, whether it’s in diary form, morning pages, or brain dump your to do list, the act of writing slows you down and gives you a fresh start. If you are looking for a great journaling technique read my post on “The Art of the Written Word”.

Get Moving

Start your day with a bit of exercise. If this is new to you, try light stretching or a nice walk. If you are more of a morning person, maybe try turning on some music and having a bit of a dance party or a more vigorous workout to work up a sweat. Getting out of the house during this time of isolation will be important, so think of ways to keep your distance, but still be able to enjoy the sunshine.

Other ideas: go on a hike, sit outside and drink of cup of tea, take a walk on the beach, uncover that treadmill or rowing machine and start using it, watch YouTube workout videos or download workout apps to try.

Enjoy a Cuppa

Take that extra time in the morning to sit with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a good book or newspaper. If the news is to stressful, stick with a book.

Do the Basics

This includes showering, getting dressed and making your bed. It’ll be tempting to stay in your jammies all day, and I’ve done it many times, but by the end of the day I feel nasty and my mood shows it.

During this social distancing I’ve decided to simplify

Wake up Your Office

Whether you have a designated office space or not it’s important to wake up your office. Waking up my studio is one of my favorite things. Turning on the lights, warming up the space, and opening the blinds to let in the sunlight. As soon as the studio is awake, I’m reading to work.

What are some of your favorite ways to start your day? Tell me in the comments

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