Ways to use vintage paper ephemera in art

Creating with vintage ephemera paper can be a wonderful way to add a special touch to any project. There are many ways to use vintage ephemera paper, from creating scrapbooks to making greeting cards. Here are three of my favorite ways to use vintage ephemera paper:

  • Create a collage. Find a piece of poster board or other backing, then start arranging the vintage paper ephemera to create a beautiful collage. Cut the pieces out and arrange them in a creative way, and use glue or tape to secure them in place.
  • Art journaling. Include vintage papers, photos, postcards, etc with paints, magazine cutouts, and scrapbook papers as backgrounds for your art, or by layering and distressing to create texture on your pages.
  • Draw and paint over old book pages. Add a thin layer of clear or white gesso and then paint over the book pages. It adds such a beautiful background to your art.

More Ways to Use Vintage Ephemera

  • Make a greeting card. Cut out pieces of the ephemera and use them to decorate the front of a greeting card. You can use simple cardstock, or get creative and use a recycled cereal box or other upcycled material.
  • Create a scrapbook. Choose a theme for your scrapbook, such as family history or a certain time period, and begin collecting vintage ephemera related to your theme. Use the pieces to create pages in a scrapbook, and include photos and other memorabilia to make the book complete.
  • Assemble a shadowbox. Gather a selection of vintage paper ephemera, along with other interesting items, and arrange them in a shadow box. Use the box itself to create a frame or matting, or use a pre-made frame.
  • Frame individual pieces. Find a few pieces that you particularly love, and frame them to hang on the wall. You can use a standard picture frame, or get creative and use an old window frame or other upcycled material.

No matter how you choose to use vintage paper ephemera, you’re sure to create something that’s one of a kind. Have fun and be creative!

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