Color and Your Emotions

For 2020 I’ve decided to select a theme for each month and then focus on that.

This is how it’ll work.

Week 1: I’ll introduce the theme and write a post on that topic.

Week 2: I’ll send out an assignment. A fun project that will have you exploring the month’s topic. I’ll even share some fun color palettes and mood boards to get you inspired. We’ll even have a #hashtag to use so we can see what everyone is creating.

Week 3: I’ll share my own project. I’ll be sharing process videos and my own inspiration for the project.

Week 4: The final week will be a wrap-up on the month’s happenings. Things I’ve read, interesting things/articles I’ve found around the internet. I’ll share beach updates and found treasures. It’ll be a fun way to share all that’s happened.

Color and Your Emotions

Colors affect our emotions. There is no doubt about the impact color has on each of us. During my research on the subject, I found that the colors we typically think inspire certain emotions aren’t the same in each culture. White is typically thought of as peaceful, pure and innocent, but in Eastern cultures, however, white is linked to death and sadness…as it’s typically used in funerals and other mourning rituals.

One of the things I love about color is that it can affect us on such a personal level, truly giving a voice to emotions we may not even be able to express with words.

After we lost our baby boy and I was in bed recovering from all the surgeries and physical trauma words were not possible. I was in such pain physically and emotionally that I literally couldn’t find the words to express the pain, anger, fear and utter sadness I was feeling. However, through color, I was able to do so.

Art was my journey. Art and color allowed me to express emotions I couldn’t otherwise express. There were days that my color palette was muted or monochromatic because I couldn’t see color. The pain was so dark and thick I couldn’t see through it. Yet, there were days bright colors found their way to my palette and it felt freeing and refreshing to use such bold, bright colors.

I think one of my favorite kid’s movies is Inside Out because not only are they giving a voice to children’s emotions, but through color, they were able to provide a visual representation. I remember the first time I saw that movie, it made me cry. I had little kids at the time and I was thrilled Pixar had given a voice to their emotions.

This month our focus here in this space will be to use color to connect to your emotions. If you’re here you probably have a leaning toward artistic creativity, but if not, I want to assure you that art isn’t an exclusive club that only the gifted can access.

This month’s assignment will be released next week, so make sure to check back here or subscribe to the newsletter so you can get notified when it’s published.

Until then, I want you to think about color. Notice the colors in your home and how they make you feel. Do you feel peaceful or do you find yourself feeling agitated or irritable in a certain area of your space? Look at the art in your home or office that speak to you, what colors are included? What are your favorite items of clothing? What color are they? Do you veer toward the bright, loud colors or are you more into the pastel, soft colors? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

See you next week!

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