Hello, Brooke & Heidi!

I’m Heidi Cogdill, a writer, watercolor / digital illustrator, and art teacher based in Rockaway Beach, Oregon. I create illustrations for kids, businesses and brands. I’m a history lover and prior homeschool mom, who spent countless hours finding ways to share my love of history with my kids. I’ve pulled together a couple sample blog posts/articles for you to review. I’ve also included a list of blog topic ideas that I believe would be a great asset to your magazine’s blog.

I hope you enjoy!

Sample Articles

Prior to becoming a full-time illustrator/writer I worked in Manufacturing Marketing for 16 years where I was responsible for creating online product content for Amazon.com. I’m a graduate of the Institute for Children’s Literature where the focus was on non-fiction article writing. I’ve contributed to two published Fashion Tangling art books by Walter Foster. I also teach online art classes, most recently through Skillshare.

Blog Topic Ideas

Travel Pieces: While homeschooling our two kids we lived in many different states and were able to utilize all the local historical sites to help us make history interesting. I have a ton of pictures and stories to pull from to create blog articles about. Just a few of the places we’ve lived…Oregon, South Carolina, Arizona, Illinois, California and Washington.

  • The Gullah Culture – it wasn’t until we moved to SC that I learned that black slaves were part of the Gullah culture. Boone Hall Plantation does an amazing job of sharing the Gullah culture in their exhibits and reenactment stories. There is so much history in each of the plantations there. We could do a series of articles about each.
  • The Civil War – Did you know that the library on Sullivan’s Island is located inside a Battery Gadsden, a former Spanish-American War four-gun battery? There are numerous forts in the Charleston Area that are wonderful and I would love to share their stories.
  • Graveyards in Charleston are a history lesson in themselves.
  • Ghost towns of Arizona and their history
  • The Oregon Trail and the Pioneers that came seeking a new life

Historical Memes – Kids love to create memes. They would provide the historical backgrounds and create a meme that is historically accurate.

Small Town Histories: It would be wonderful to explore the history of small town America.

  • How industries and the people were affected by world events.
  • Hug Point, Oregon – how people traveled the beach until hwy 101 was built. Hug Point still bears the marks of these travels.
  • Story of Minnie Westman a women mail carrier in 1888. Westman carried mail in Oregon on a 20-mile route from the Siuslaw River over the Coast Range Mountains to the Hale Post Office, about 15 miles west of Eugene. She was 20 years old at the time. Her father and uncle operated a stageline and held the mail contract.

20+ Historical Movies for Kids

Use Ancestry Research to Teach History I’ve spent 20 years studying my family genealogy and it’s in those stories from the past that history really came alive.

How Geography Helps Understand History

Then & Now Photos: Old photos retaken in modern times. We could even ask for audience participation.

Easy Pioneer Recipes

15 Websites for Brining History to Life

How Graveyards Can Teach History

How Art Can Teach History

Teaching History Through Musicals

Thank you so much for your time!

Heidi Cogdill