#inktober day 12-31

childrens illustration, Recipe Illustrations, Sketchbook

Phew!!! Inktober has ended!

I had such fun creating the recipe illustration and children’s character sketches all month long, but it was a lot of work. I only got behind twice. Because I had a theme and assigned days for each type of drawing I found it easier to stay focused. It wasn’t about finding inspiration, but rather pulling out one of my recipes or finding a cute kid photo to use as a reference. I gave myself the freedom to try different techniques and inks for the recipes, but the character sketches were always done in black ink with pink cheeks.

Below are illustrations for days 12-31…


#inktober day 1 – 11

childrens illustration, Digital Illustration, Recipe Illustrations

When I decided to participate in #inktober2016 this year I knew I needed to create a consistent theme and a time limit, otherwise my perfectionism would step in and I’d spend countless hours on a daily challenge.

I’ve been wanted to illustrate my recipes so I can make a book for each of my kids, but I also wanted to work on daily character sketches, so I decided to switch between the two every other day. The recipe illustrations take about an hour to draw, scan and apply watercolor texture in Photoshop, while the character sketches take about 30 minutes to sketch in ink.