These were early character design sketches of Blue for my book Tummy Troubles. It’s about a boy who starts having serious tummy troubles, to the point where it affects so much of his daily life he withdraws from friends and physical activity. Through his journal he chronicles his journey to a Crohn’s disease diagnosis. He reveals through words and drawings that Crohn’s can’t beat him.

Blue’s character design has morphed, but these drawings are still very special in my heart so I turned them into coloring pages. They are meant to show part of Blue’s journey.

Download, print and color these fun pages.



Download here: bluehospitalcoloringFIN

Blue has just gotten his IV put in for his colonoscopy and endoscopy. He’s being such a brave boy!!




Download here: bluebedcoloringPDF

Blue is playing with his Legos while he recovers from his colonoscopy and endoscopy.




Download here: bluecookingColoringFIN

Part of Blue’s journey has been to learn how to cook the things he can eat. This has given him a sense of power he was missing. He’ll always be able to eat, because he knows how to cook for himself. 



Ampersand & Floral Coloring Page


Download here: ampersand-floral-coloringpage_heidi_cogdill