Favorite Books Currently On My Nightstand

I get asked all the time about the books I’m reading so I thought I’d share some of my favorites that are currently on my nightstand. I’m an avid reader and I’m always looking for something new to read. Here are a few of my favorite books I’m currently reading: What about you? Any greatContinue reading “Favorite Books Currently On My Nightstand”

How to Annotate All Kinds of Books

What is annotating? Basically, it means that you underline/highlight and add notes interacting with the text. I do most often write in my books, but there are ways to annotate and not mark up your books. Here’s how I annotate my books, and if you want you can try it yourself. Why you should annotateContinue reading “How to Annotate All Kinds of Books”

11 ways to keep kids busy when stuck at home

This coronavirus crisis has forced many schools to close and has left many parents scrambling to find ways to occupy their kids during the day. There will obviously be schoolwork to stay on top of, but parents are forced to find ways to keep them busy. I homeschooled my two kids from Kindergarten through graduationContinue reading “11 ways to keep kids busy when stuck at home”

1,000 Tangles, Patterns and Doodled Designs – New Book

1,000 Tangles, Patterns & Doodled Designs combines hundreds of tangling, illustration, and doodling patterns and designs into one all-encompassing guidebook. Filled with inspirational designs, patterns, borders, flourishes, doodles, tangles, and more, this creative resource explores hundreds of ideas for tangling and doodling enthusiasts to learn and model. From basic tangles to stylized letters and numbers,Continue reading “1,000 Tangles, Patterns and Doodled Designs – New Book”