Heidi Cogdill, Artist/Illustrator

Heidi Cogdill is an artist, writer and teacher living on the beautiful Oregon Coast. She creates original and commissioned artworks combining acrylic and watercolor paint, line art and illustration, writes books and teaches art classes. Her artwork mixes digital with traditional painting and line art illustration. She creates artwork with a penchant for playful color and rick texture. Living surrounded by nature, it’s no surprise that flowers and plants are her favorite subjects to draw. Heidi spends her days drinking too much tea and hiding the chocolate…mostly from herself.

For more information, job inquiries or just to say hi, email me at heidicogdill@yahoo.com

Secrets about me…

* I’m oddly terrified of sinkholes. Like if I hear a weird noise in the house, I immediately think, “what if it’s a sinkhole?” Weird right?

Heidi Cogdill

*I never leave the house without a book, magazine or my iPad. I always have something to read.

*I love to cook…bake…whatever, I just love being in the kitchen. Although, I’m not a fan of doing the dishes.

*I love brussel sprouts. Seriously!! I craved them when I was pregnant even though I’d never eaten them before. The trick is to make them with coconut oil and nutmeg. I’ll give you the recipe!

*I’m a girly girl. I love shoes, purses, and jewelry….but there is seriously nothing better than a cozy sweater.

*I LOVE coca-cola Slurpees! It’s a sickness really. If I lived close to a 7/11 I’d be in serious trouble.

*I moved from Portland, Oregon right after high school to Chicago. I’d seen While you were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock and thought Chicago was where I had to live. Luckily my aunt and uncle were living there, so I headed East and sure enough I met the love of my life and we’ve been married 23 years.

*I’m kind of a stalker when it comes to people’s routines. Whether it’s a daily routine, or how a writer or artist goes about their days. Where they work, what inspires them, what they eat for lunch and what their space looks like. Seriously it’s a problem. I LOVE to see other people’s desks and art studios. So share your pixs with me!!