Collage Style vs. Mixed Media Journaling: What’s the Difference?

Collage style and mixed media art journaling are both creative and fun ways to express yourself through art. While the two styles may appear similar, they have some distinct differences.

Collage style is a type of art that combines different materials such as paper, fabric, photographs, and other objects to create one cohesive image. It is typically used to create a visually stimulating image, often with a specific meaning or message. Mixed media art journaling is a combination of art, writing, and collage techniques. It is often used as a form of self-expression to explore thoughts, feelings, and ideas. The focus of this type of art is to create something that conveys a story, rather than a specific visual image.

Collage style typically uses a lot of different materials with the focus on creating a visually appealing spread using cut-and-paste techniques.

While mixed media art journaling combines a variety of mediums, such as paints, markers, and ink, to create a unique, one-of-a-kind page. The focus is on combining mediums and techniques to create a dynamic and engaging spread that tells a story or expresses something deeper to the artist.

I love both styles for different reasons. I typically lean on collage-style art journaling when I’m on the go since I can’t have all my paints and inks with me. I like to carry a bag full of random paper, quotes, stickers, magazine cutouts, paper, washi tapes, etc. and when I’m on the go I can create collage pages.

Mixed media art journaling I save for when I’m in the studio and can make a mess cutting, gluing, painting, and splattering.

Overall, both collage style and mixed media art journaling are great ways to express yourself creatively. Whether you use paper, fabric, photographs, or other objects to create an image, or use color, texture, and words to create a story, both are fun and rewarding activities.

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