How I Select Items to Include in Vintage Ephemera Packs

I started creating Vintage Ephemera Packs because I had acquired a large collection over the years, so I thought it would be a good way to downsize my stash.

What I didn’t expect was how popular these ephemera packs would become and how much fun I would have putting them together. As my personal collection dwindled I had always planned to stop selling them, but I enjoyed this part of my shop so I began visiting antique shops hunting for new items to include. And over the last year, I’ve been able to find some amazing things.

Collections of letters between a husband and wife while he was on a ship in the 1950s. War ration booklets with coupons still inside. A 1905 copy of Cosmopolitan Magazine. It’s about 4 inches thick and full of articles, photographs, and illustrations that share a glimpse into the world at that time. A memory book from a young girl during her Senior Year of High School. And so much more.

Scroll through to see some of the fun things I’ve found

There are times I think I’ve found something too special to give away, but I love being able to share all these amazing finds. Because I know those buying these packs are going to not only appreciate them but they will be using them to create other pieces of art with them.

In each pack, I try to include a variety of sizes, textures, and items. I always try to include photographs if I have them. I include lots of different types of book pages. Some that include text, illustrations, aged edges and marks. I always include pieces with handwriting, such as postcards, letters, and old envelopes. I like to include old documents and banknotes. It’s my goal to have a well-rounded pack that offers lots of options to the buyer. Overall, the key is to carefully curate a selection of items that are visually interesting and historically significant.

I thought I’d take you along as I gather pieces to include in one of my recent packs and then show you how I pack them for shipping.

If you want to buy a pack you can get one in my Etsy Shop.

Selecting Items to Include

Packing an order

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