Unboxing and Review: This Month’s Sketchbox Art Kit

This month’s Sketchbox art kit is packed with high-quality supplies that have really added to my artwork.

First off, the Inktese pencils included in the kit are absolutely stunning. If you’ve never worked with Intense before…well, you’re missing out. They function like colored pencils, but when water is added to them they activate and look like ink once dried. The colors this month are golden yellow, amber, peacock blue, light olive, red violet and hot red – and are all so vibrant and really make an illustration pop. These pencils are a joy to work with and have quickly become a staple in my art supply collection.

The Inktense paint pan set is equally impressive. This was a new tool for me, but they work exactly like watercolor paint pans do. Just add water with a brush. The shades – sun yellow, poppy red, turquoise, hookers green, red oxide, and paynes grey – are all so bold and yummy and they mix and match beautifully with each other and with the Inktense pencils.

And you all know my love of Princeton paint brushes, so I was super excited to see the 1/2″ lunar blender brush in this month’s kit. This brush is perfect for creating those soft, ethereal blends that I love so much, and like all my Princeton brushes, this one has quickly become one of my go-to tools.

The Hahnemuhle agave watercolor paper is another new one and it took a little bit of playing with but I think I’ve got it figured out. The paper seems a bit bally when working with the wet paint but so far the paper dries perfectly normal and looks beautiful. The texture and weight of the paper are perfect, just play with the paper a bit to get to know it’s quirks.

Overall, this month’s Sketchbox kit was an A+ for me and it included some truly stunning colors and top-quality materials. If you’re an artist looking for new supplies to add to your collection, I highly recommend checking out Sketchbox. You won’t be disappointed!

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