Shuffles by Pinterest for Creative Businesses

Pinterest launched a new app called Shuffles. If you haven’t heard of Shuffles yet, it’s a collage-making app where you can create engaging visual content using the power of Pinterest’s image library to create mood boards, project planning, influencer marketing, contests, and giveaways to drive traffic to their websites.

The company quietly launched it in August and because it’s in its initial testing phase the app is available via invite only. Which means, you’ll have to snag an invite code in order to gain access to the app.

Shuffles appears to be a hit for Pinterest and I believe Shuffles is on its way to being a powerful tool for creative businesses.

The best feature by far is that each image used in the collages remains 100% interactive and everything added to a collage project remains clickable…automatically linking back to the original Pin on Pinterest and to the website of origin.

Just think of the possibilities!!

After playing with the app and all the ways it can benefit a creative business I decided this information had to be shared, so I created a class on how to use the app and all of its features, as-well-as how the Shuffle app can aid creative business marketing.

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