Art After Loss Magazine

I created Art After Loss shortly after we tragically lost our baby boy in 2018. It was art that got me through that first year and it’s continued to be a major part of my grief journey. When I turned Art After Loss into a class I wasn’t sure if I would do more than that. I kinda thought maybe one day I would write a book, but in the last eight months, Art After Loss has become more than I ever imagined. I knew I wanted to create art education that would support those suffering from loss and grief, but creating a monthly digital magazine has far surpassed what I had originally planned.

Creative Heart Magazine is a digital monthly magazine that uses creative expression (art) as self-care for those dealing with loss and grief. Something our world seems to have so much of nowadays. It breaks my heart that loss and tragedy is what brings us all together.

This digital magazine offers support, guidance, and inspiration throughout the grief journey. Each issue features a theme and includes articles, creative and journal prompts, monthly affirmation, color palette, sketchbook explorations, full-length art lesson (with video tutorial), curated resources (book recommendations, Pinterest Boards, playlists, etc.), and MORE! Each issue includes a Sketchbook Exploration which gets readers working in their sketchbooks and an Art Lesson which focuses on creating art as self-care.

I’m offering the first issue as a free download if you sign up for Art After Loss’s email list.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be opening up the Membership side of Art After Loss, which will give access to classes, resources, community group, monthly meetups, the Creative Heart Magazine and so much more!

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