Preserve PDF hyperlinks in PowerPoint on MAC computer

When creating my digital planner I did all the layout and design work in Canva and then had Canva transfer the file to Powerpoint. From there I added the many hyperlinks in PowerPoint to make the planner easy and smooth to navigate. But I ran into a problem with my PDF losing the hyperlinks when I saved the file. I should also mention that I’m working on a MAC.

The solution is this…

When you’re finished editing your file, Save it as a PowerPoint file. Then log into your account online and click go to your account. In the upper left corner there is a box of dots, click on that and open PowerPoint.

Open the file you just saved.

Then from here, you can do a Save As and select Download as PDF. Your hyperlinks will be preserved.

The issue…

MACs have their own PDF creation mechanism so when saving as a PDF in PowerPoint the MAcs converter overrides PowerPoint’s native PDF creation tool, and in that process, you lose the hyperlinks. By saving through the online PowerPoint it overrides the MAC creation tool and allows PowerPoint to preserve the hyperlinks.

It’s a pain that we have to take the extra step but thankfully it’s there for those of us who still prefer Powerpoint over Keynote.

3 thoughts on “Preserve PDF hyperlinks in PowerPoint on MAC computer

  1. Hello! Thanks for this! I wonder, did you have to wait long for the PDF to be saved from Microsoft online! I did as instructed and gets up to the “save as PDF.” A prompt saying my file is ready for download but then when I click number, nothing happens. Am I just impatient? Haha! Please help. Thanks a lot!

    1. I tried repeating my steps and I also had a hesitation after clicking Save As and download. It took longer than normal, but eventually, the box did popup for me to save the file to my computer. I would say try the steps again and be patient. Otherwise, my only other suggestion would be to try a different internet browser. You may have a firewall that is preventing the final step. Good luck! I hope this helps!

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