7 Ways Creatives Self-Sabotage

There’s a certain vulnerability that comes with putting what’s going on within ourselves out for everyone to see. Neuroscience has even confirmed that creative people think and even act differently than an average person. But sometimes our own work enemy is ourselves.

Photo by Ryanniel Masucol on Pexels.com

As an artist and a writer I know first hand how easy it for me to undermine my own best intentions.

For some it may look like procrastination or that life is just “too busy”. For others they may come across as moody and difficult. Ultimately what’s happening is different sides of the same coin…self-sabotage.

There are 7 ways Creatives easily self-sabotage…

  1. Putting others’ needs, wants, and schedules ahead of your own.
  2. Holding onto unrealistic expectations for yourself or your work.
  3. Stopping when things get hard…or boring.
  4. Believing there is a “perfect” way.
  5. Comparing yourself, or your efforts, to others.
  6. Creating in a vacuum.
  7. Not giving yourself the space you need.

Being aware of each of these is the first hurdle, but understanding that each one of these stems from FEAR. Fear is truly at the heart of putting others’ needs above our own, holding ourselves to a unrealistically high stand, stopping instead of pushing through, believing we or our work isn’t good enough, especially when compared to someone else, creating in secret or away from the support and constructive critiques of fellow Creatives and ultimately not giving ourselves the mental and physical space we need to feel all the feels.

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