Art After Loss Workshop

The Art After Loss Workshop was created out of my own journey through loss after we lost our baby boy when I was 25 weeks pregnant.

Our Noah’s little feet prints

Art After Loss is modeled after the steps I took to work through my loss, so you’ll take similar steps, but your journey will be a personal one.

Each lesson is offering you a way to express yourself with art. It’s not about creating something that looks just like mine. It’s not about perfection or doing it right.

I’m not a therapist, just an artist who used creative expression as a way to explore emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with grief, and give myself permission to do and say whatever came out.

The lessons are structured in how I implemented them in my own journey, but please feel free to jump around. Start where you feel the most drawn to.

Lesson 1 will focus on journaling

Lesson 2 we’ll explore collage journaling

Lesson 3 brings in acrylic paints as a way of expressing your grief

Lesson 4 we’ll get messy with chalk pastels as we venture outside

Lesson 5 we’ll create field notebooks with watercolor and ink. Here I’ll take you exploring the Oregon Coast and then hiking in the coastal mountains as we work through old fears.

Art After Loss Class

I offer this class on Skillshare, but I’m now offering this class through my website. You will be given a password and life-time access to the class page where you’ll have text to read along side the video lessons and downloads.

The benefit of purchasing the class through my website is any changes I make to the class page, or updated video lessons will be made live here only.

It is my goal to make all my classes & workshops affordable to anyone and easy to watch and incorporate into your day.

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