Graphic Art Background Tutorial – Adobe Fresco

Creating a graphic art background in Adobe Fresco is the first step to creating my mixed media graphic art illustrations, but they also become art pieces in themselves.

Layer One ~

With the Live Oil Brushes paint in the background. This is a intuitive process…so there is no right or wrong way to lay down the color. I select a color palette I want to use and then apply the color across the page.

For this first layer I used the OilPaint Chunky brush size 512 with paint mix set to 30.

Layer Two ~

This is the fun part…play around with the pixel brushes that come with Adobe Fresco. Kyle T. Webster has created amazing brushes that are accessible through Adobe’s site.

Here I used the Chipper 1 brushes from Kyle’s Concept brushes. Blending Mode set to Overlay with 40% Opacity.

Color HSB 104/12/91

Layer Three ~

Brush: Tighty Line-y / Blending mode: Hard Light / Opacity: 71%

Color HSB 303/20/67

Layer Four ~

Brush: Drip / Blending mode: Overlay / Opacity: 21%

Color HSB (blue) 241/63/36 (yellow) 34/47/96

Layer Five ~

Brush: Downpour 1 (Kyle’s Concept Brushes) / Blending Mode: Pin Light / Opacity: 100%

Color HSB 34/47/96

Layer Six ~

Brush: Kyle’s Stonecutter / Blending Mode: Overlay / Opacity: 100%

Color HSB 240/57/29

Layer Seven ~

Brush: Daisy Chain Square / Blending Mode: Soft Light / Opacity: 100%

Color: White

Layer Eight ~

Brush: Splish Splash Variant / Blending Mode: Multiple / Opacity: 100%

Color HSB 304/79/35

Layer Nine ~

Brush: Pollock CD / Blending Mode: Color Dodge / Opacity: 83%

Color HSB 86/24/64

Want to learn more about Adobe Fresco or about adding the silhouette to complete these illustrations, jump over to Skillshare to take my latest class “Digital Mixed Media Graphic Art – Adobe Fresco”

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