5 Steps to Finding Your Artistic Voice

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive from students is how they can find their artistic style. It’s followed by how do they find it if they are learning…copying…another artist’s style?

Finding your unique style is a matter of finding yourself in the art. It’s noticing the little habits or traits that appear in your work over and over. These aren’t thing you choose but rather they are things you’ll find by looking at your artwork and noticing the little things you do without thought.

Our artistic styles are a combination of our overall drawing style, color palettes, texture or subject.

But then how do you go about finding your style?

I believe we can find our artistic style if we follow these basic five steps:

1) Be curious – They say that creativity breeds creativity, so being curious in the beginning is super important. This will be in the form of experimenting and trying new things. It’ll be taking classes and copying those that inspire you. This is the stage where learning is so important.

2) Focus on the craft – Mastering your tools in this stage is key. As writers we are told to learn the rules before breaking them and this applies just as well in art. So learn the programs you need to create digitally. Know how to use the traditional tools accurately whether it’s oil paint or charcoal. Learning how to use things properly will give you the freedom to break the rules and create authentically. Once you understand the fundaments begin to experiment and slowly introduce little tweaks.

3) Know your personality and demeanor – If you are a perfectionist you may not connect well with loose or abstract art. Knowing how you are as a person will help decide what type of medium you choose and how you go about creating art.

4) Let your voice be heard – Our creative voice influences our style in many ways. Art is a way to express yourself and the things you are passionate about or the things you believe in. This is a big part of finding your artistic style…listening to your own voice.

5) Be aware – Stop and look at your art. Really look at it and be aware of reoccurring themes or elements. These are the little things that make your art pieces unique and easily identifiable as yours.

With all that being said, the number one thing I can say that will help you find your artistic style is to create LOTS and LOTS of art!!

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