My 5 Rules to Live By

I believe we all have a basic 5 rules we live by. The trick is, each of our 5 are not the same. This makes us each unique as we’re guided by these rules. These are the things we filter through as we make decisions and move through our days. Our 5 can be partly dictated by our upbringing, our religion and our community.

Here are my five~

  1. Do not procrastinate – This was a rule that gathered steam as I got older and suffered major grief, loss of my health and facing my own death. When we’re young it feels like we’ll always have ample time, but it goes by so quickly. Procrastinating brings regrets and lots of “what if’s”, so take the leap and be open to new things.
  2. Always ask yourself, “what is my part in this?” We can only control ourselves in any situation, so sitting around feeling angry or frustrated or “whatever”…ask yourself what your part is in the situation. Is there something you can do differently? Is there some change in thinking or attitude you can make? Is there a way to see it from another’s perspective? By asking yourself what your own responsibility in any given situation is takes back the control and doesn’t let you feel a victim.
  3. Get enough rest – I’m a huge advocate for naps. Everything feels heavier and seems impossible when your tired. Exhaustion brings a fog into your vision that makes everything harder. There isn’t an attitude that can’t be fixed with a nap or a goodnight sleep. Anything is possible with enough rest!!
  4. Find your creative outlet – Creativity is expression. It gives voice to things we can’t express otherwise.
  5. Get your fingers (or feet) dirty – Plants and dirt is grounding and offers fresh life and oxygen into our space. Being around plants helps us concentrate better. Whether you have a large yard or a tiny apartment, you can have plants in your life. If you struggle to keep plants alive, look for a hardy plant and always under water. Over watering kills plants faster than under watering. Take it from a person who use to kill any plant she brought home.
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I’d love to hear what your FIVE rules are. Comment below to share!

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