From Sketch to Illustration – Week 6 #52greetings

Digital Illustration, Photoshop

This week’s #52greetings card design was inspired by my son, who loves the rain and cats. He especially loves playing in the rain and it always makes me smile seeing him stomping through the puddles…even at 13 years old. Unfortunately, we live in Phoenix and he doesn’t get a whole lot of rain and when it does rain, it’s typically accompanied by thunder and lightning, so he watches the rain fall from indoors.

I always start with a sketch. Lately, I’ve been using my drawing as a background to each illustration rather than inking in Photoshop directly.



I do any cleanup as needed before laying over a fill color. For this illustration I used a grey color. Then I begin to build up color over the sketch.

Here is the finalized illustration/greeting card.


If you’d like to check out all the other talented artists search #52greetings on Twitter or Instagram. I’ll be posting all my weekly cards on Instagram.

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