June 2016 Coloring Calendar – Digital Painting

Fashion Illustration, Photoshop

As a watercolor and doodle artist, I love my pens and paints. Photoshop was a necessary evil that I had to learn in order to edit my art and prep for printing, but I never imagined I’d paint in Photoshop. After watching some of my fellow artists Periscope about using Photoshop in their art and illustrations I caught the bug and started playing with all I’d learned. I have to tell you, painting in Photoshop is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do. I think that’s because I can always undo things. I love to have tons of layers so I can edit or remove anything that I don’t like. It offers the artist a lot of creative power.

I’ve been practicing most of my digital painting skills with my children’s book characters, but today I used one of the fashion illustrations I created for the 2016 calendar. I used June since it was a more complex drawing to apply color to.

Don’t worry I won’t be giving up my paints any time soon, but Photoshop is definitely now part of my tool kit.

Digital Painting by Heidi Cogdill

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