Butterfly Couture Tangle Gown by Heidi Cogdill

Weekly Doodle Club – Butterfly Gown Template and Video

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“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” – Richard Bach

Annabelle spent most of her life sitting on the sidelines waiting and watching as others lived big lives. She’d lived most days cautious and afraid, but tonight would change all that. Tonight, was about taking flight and becoming the person she was meant to become, while leaving behind the cautious…yet comfortable life of a caterpillar.

When I sat down to draw this week’s template I wanted to draw a butterfly. To describe the importance of taking a chance on ourselves and pushing outside the comfort zone. As woman and mothers we create routines to organize life and keep order, but rarely in that schedule does it include time for ourselves to be creative and to fill our wells. We can’t be our best selves if we’re not willing to take care of ourselves first. This is a lesson I am far from mastering, but it is one that I am constantly aware of. So instead of a butterfly I drew Annabelle…she represents the beauty, the creativity and the potential we each have inside…if only we allow ourselves to fly.

Download and print the weekly template and doodle along with me.

Download HERE – Butterfly Gown Template

Butterfly Gown Template

Watch the Video and Doodle with Me!

I’d love to see your completed doodles…use #doodlewithHiHi to share

Butterfly Couture Tangle Gown by Heidi Cogdill

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