Fashion Zentangle by Heidi Cogdill

A Peek Inside My Sketchbook: Fashion Zentangles


Fashion Zentangles are not only beautiful but they are very soothing and relaxing to create.

Zentangle designs, although very relaxing to create, can be very overwhelming to my eye. Because there is so much going on I like to use fewer zentangles in my art pieces. I like for them to flow with the feel of the piece or for the zentangle to act as the fabric.

I’ve recently moved from straight white paper and black pen to using other mediums to create my fashion zentangles.

Fashion Zentangle by Heidi Cogdill

Fashion Zentangle by Heidi Cogdill

This fashion zentangle is done in my art journal. I used gesso to cover the gloss page and then used off white and light pink acrylic over that. Once it was completely dried I used the cover of the very first Bella Grace magazine as inspiration to draw with graphite pencil the outline of a girl standing in the wind. Then using zentangles I filled in her scarf, which for me was the focal point. It needed a pattern that showed movement. Then I added a few zentangle patterns to the dress, but I didn’t want this to overwhelm the eye or distract fro the scarf.

Fashion Zentangle by Heidi Cogdill

Gesso over glossy art journal book page, then applied thick, messy brush strokes of blue, which allowed for some of the paper and gesso to show through. With black micron pens I drew the outline of a woman squatting down. This time I wanted the zentangles to look like the pattern on the fabric.

Fashion Zentangle by Heidi Cogdill

This is another one zentangle dress. Using only one pattern I sketched out the skirt and then with colored pencils I colored in her skin, face, hair, etc. I loved the idea of seeing the page/words through the dress. And the colored pencils offered such a soft and smooth contrast to the dark black of the dress.

Fashion Zentangle by Heidi Cogdill

This piece I wanted to include more zentangle patterns, but again wanted it to blend into the entire piece rather than overwhelm or distract. It almost looks like fabric.


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