Hand-Drawn Logo


I’ve been helping my husband with rebranding his business, DC Graphics. His company specializes in architectural marketing. If you are in need of a house rendering, he’s the guy to call.

I’ve been updating his website and with it we decided a new logo was needed. He’s been in business for over 15 years, so it was time for a bit of brand freshening up.

Since the website has a lot of color and moving parts, the logo needed to be simple, elegant and professional.

I chose to hand-draw the logo and to create my own font. I wanted a font that was a mixture of boxy with the slightest curves.

DC Graphics handdrawn logo

Here is my hand-drawn logo

DC Graphics handdrawn font

Hand-drawn font

Once these two things were scanned I opened in Illustrator and using the “item trace” feature I was able to get a clean, crisp font with a white background.

Then I changed the brush type on the logo to charcoal pencil and changed the color to gray.

DC Graphics Logo Design Options

After everyone had a chance to review the design options and one was selected, I created a site logo.

DC Graphics Site Logo

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